BoundGangBangs – Jun 22, 2011 – Dylan

Dylan Ryan lives out her fantasy of being gangbanged in the locker room by 5 dudes. After flirting during her workout session she gets a tour of the facilities which leads to her getting hot and heavy with James Deen in the Men’s Locker Room. As the gym closes more guys come in to join in on the action and before she knows it she is surrounded by cock from every side!

File size: 779.0 MB

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StrictRestraint – Jun 21, 2011 – Sybil Hawthorne

We invited Sybil back for another day of tough scenes, this time with Bane and she was happy to answer the call…I’ve gone on about the joys of working with Sybil before, but she is a true professional BDSM model, of which there are very few…she has an amazing body and is always ready to be flung into a sincere headspace…Bane locks her into the first position, crudely bent over, Sybil first has to deal with the prospect of being locked in a very uncomfortable position as the stone-faced Bane has his way her…He really has a fondness for the small stinging tools…the wire slapper, the small plastic flogger, the cane…these are some of the least daunting, but most severe instruments ever used on human beings…the feeling of the wire slapper has been compared to the sting of a single tail crack…and it leaves marks as such..

File size: 256.1 MB

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HardTied – Jun 22, 2011 – Phoenix, PD

Phoenix tries to be as impassive as possible, hoping that PD will get bored and move on soon, but to him it is more like a challenge. She tries to hold back the moans when he is forcing a dildo inside of her. She tries not to scream when he begins to whip her. When he flogs her pussy there is barely a peep from her at first. As time goes on, though, she cannot contain herself. He is a master at breaking the women he takes and Phoenix does not have the power to resist him. He uses her, makes her scream and cum and squirt. And when he has had enough he walks away and leaves her hanging, alone, wondering when he will be back for more.

File size: 550.7 MB

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TheUpperFloor – Jun 22, 2011 – Lilla Katt and Nerine Mechanique

The house slaves are put in predicament bondage that forces them to work together to stop fidgeting.

File size: 822.6 MB

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BondageDesigns – Cheerleaders Bound And Gagged DVD

Madison Young is walking home from cheerleading practice in her jeans, sneakers and sports shirt. Suddenly we see her marched in bound and gagged. She is put to the floor and left to struggle. Put through a series of bondage positions, forced to put on her cheerleading uniform and stinky sweaty gym shoes, she is gagged with her own sock, forced to huff her dirty shoes. Lots of struggling, packed mouth gag talk, and pleading to be let go by Madison.
Kelli Anderson is carried in, bound with a pillowcase over her head, she is left to struggle before being slowly forced to strip. Chair tied topless, bound over a stool, spanked and forced to smell her dirty tennis shoes. Great struggling and bondage!! With hand cuffs, rope, ball gags and cleaves.

File size: 1.3 GB

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The Plant DVD

The year is 2006. Beautiful Lisa Blue is an inspector for the corrupt Environmental Protection Unit (EPU). She’s honest and hardworking, which is why she spends most of her time as the office gopher, or as an object for her sinister boss’ leering eye instead of investigating environmental hazards.
Competent people are not really helpful to the real mission of the EPU, which has nothing to do with protecting the environment. Enthusiastic, concerned employees like Lisa were scorned by the bureaucracy and considered troublemakers.
Then one day, everything changed. Her boss is suddenly being nice to her, and he wants to send her out into the field on a real live hazardous waste case! But just as everything seems to be going her way, things start to fall apart….

File size: 576.1 MB

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Dark Passion – Torture 18 DVD

About unsuspecting girls breaks Ficksturm the merciless gang-bang force herein.Es hardly have time to get some air, even the infected Next PRA ¼ gel in an open hole and the semen flows without end.

File size: 698.3 MB

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Whiplash 1 DVD

Super hot insurance fraud investigator Angie Green (Tabitha Jordan) goes undercover to investigate allegations of bizarre sexual abuse at the Cracker Clinic, a facilitythat specializes in low cost physical therapy for female accident victims.
Posing as a paitent suffering from a neck injury, poor Angie finds herself on the wrong end of some sadistic medical atrocitices perpetrated by a smiling female therapist (Jody Adams) with a taste for female flesh- bound, gagged and suffering.
Pretty Angie is drugged, stripped, then bound spreadeagle on an exam table where she endures a host of painful indignities including being zapped with a stun gun, a brutal “massage” witha cat o’ nine tails and a 2 quart enema, complete with butt plug.

File size: 574.1 MB

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DeviceBondage – Jun 22, 2011 – Isis Love, Missy Minks and Audrey Rose

This is part 3 of 3 from the May life show
The two bondage whores are compromised into predicament bondage. Tied from hair to pussy up onto their toes, any range of motion only cranks the rope tighter into each one’s pussy. As they get tired of standing on the balls of their feet, every fraction of an inch adds to the pressure focused on the other’s clit. With a little precision caning, they are prancing around, trying not to tug on their lines.

File size: 321.0 MB

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DivineBitches – Jun 22, 2011 – Gia DiMarco and Ned

Gia Dimarco sizzles in this smoking hot update, where Ned is put through his paces and brought to utter frustration, as Miss Dimarco uses her undeniable sex appeal to drive him crazy in an array of chastity devices. Gia takes Ned on a sexual ride of his life, where the only pleasure is hers, and the look of agony on his face is priceless. Gia is a sly, devastatingly sexy creature, who oozes sex so much that Ned is almost hypnotized into thinking he may have a chance. But his poor little cock is only brought back into submission and totally denied! Don’t miss this sexy fetish update focused completely on chastity!

File size: 740.7 MB

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